What is the cheapest fencing for garden?

Although garden fencing can be expensive, we've put together some ideas for cheap fencing to fit almost any budget, split rails and mesh. A chicken wire garden fence is probably the best-known affordable fence. However, pine is still a cheaper option than cedar or redwood. Instead of using wood or metal to divide your property, consider growing a garden wall.

Instead of the traditional hedge, create a functional vegetable garden full of vines with cucumbers, beans or pumpkins. Vertical gardens are popular because you can grow plants upwards instead of outdoors, saving space and water if designed well. The abundance of the garden can provide a little more privacy to a pig-wire fence, lattice or chain links and is also a delightful addition to the table. If you need a cheap, DIY fence in an area of low visibility, pallets are a great option.

This type of fence works well as a low barrier, but can be difficult to use as an entire garden perimeter fence. Making a stone fence is a great option if you have a lot of rocks on your property and you're not quite sure what to do with them. Since treated wood tends to twist or warp after installation, choose your sawmill fence panels carefully to ensure that they are not green or damp, indicating that the wood will easily move from place once it is on the ground. If you have a bunch of old pallets lying around, an easy way to build an inexpensive fence is to install pallets vertically or horizontally between the vertical pallet posts.

Both fences and prefabricated willow panels can be expensive, but you can often pick up the sticks cheaply and make your own. Traditionally used on farms and ranches to corral animals or mark property boundaries, split-rail fencing has made the leap to ranch-style homes and the Southwest and beyond. This material, which consists of thick steel wires that bend and then clip together, doesn't offer much privacy, but that doesn't matter much if you're fencing in a garden (and not your lawn). This video is an excellent example of using bamboo to cover an unsightly link fence, creating a shady, private and secluded area in the garden.

These inexpensive fence ideas will inspire you for your own garden, with colorful styles, recycled materials, stylish accessories and much more. This feature maintains visibility, but adds an additional layer of protection to prevent small animals from slipping down the fence rails. The following fencing options are relatively affordable, particularly compared to the cost of vinyl and aluminum. Chain Link fences don't earn points for their beauty, but they are one of the cheapest and most durable fencing materials available.

Gravel boards, which are located below the fence panels and above the ground, can be used to add additional height and will also help protect the fence from rot. I knew it would be absurd to plant a lot of things and not have a fence to protect them, so I finally gave up and bought materials. Some of these options are purely utilitarian and others are mainly decorative, but you will surely find a fence that suits your tastes and your budget.