Is it easy to install a fence yourself?

It takes a lot of work and research to install a fence that is aligned correctly and stably. If you don't find rocks or roots when digging poles, the project can be quite simple. But if you find huge roots, hard soils or rocks, a big project awaits you. Dig holes with a pole digger or a two-person auger.

You can rent an auger and quickly dig the holes in the posts. When using an auger, avoid any areas marked by the utility company. If you're inexperienced with these things, you're short on time, and you want a team of professionals to install a fence quickly, consider hiring someone to do it for you. You can choose to go deeper and use more gravel and concrete, but if you don't do the bare minimum, you may find yourself reinstalling your fence after the first major gust of wind or a heavy snowfall due to poor fence installation.

While the money you spend on equipment to install your fence may be more than doing it yourself, keep in mind that you also pay for your expertise. In general, if you have some free time, have experience in carpentry or construction, and have some friends who can help, you would be a good candidate to set up a fence on your own. While you can save on the monetary labor costs that a company would have to pay, you will spend your time installing the fence. One of the biggest mistakes a homeowner can make when installing a fence is to assume what is considered their property.

When installing a fence on your own, you can also choose exactly what you want in terms of materials, styles, etc. In addition to checking local zoning laws, also check with your local Homeowners Association (HOA), as they can offer strict guidelines on the types of fences (and, in some cases, colors) you can build. If you're completely new to DIY fence construction, you'll do a lot of research beforehand. One of the important final steps before installing the fence is to know the sizes of the sections you'll need and consider any inconsistencies right from the start.

Below are some of the common mistakes homeowners make when building their fences and what you can do to avoid them. The cost of having your fence repaired or even replaced by a professional would make the final cost higher than if you had rented them from the start. Keep in mind that most fence installers have multi-person teams, which helps make the process faster. Not to mention the pride you'll feel after installing a fence and being able to look at it every day knowing that it was you who built it.

If a contractor has been working on installing fences for a few years, they have most likely installed dozens of fences.