How long will a wood fence last without staining?

Life expectancy of wooden fences If properly maintained, including replacing individual boards and boards as needed, a well-built wooden fence can last in good condition for up to 20 years or more. The most rot-resistant tree species, such as cedar and redwood, can last for about 20 years. Spores that cause wood to rot do not infect wood unless the moisture content exceeds 28%. When the moisture content of the wood falls below 22%, the spores of the fungus become inactive.

They reactivate if the moisture content increases again. It depends on how well each one is maintained. Treated wooden fences can last a long time, but only if they are kept protected from moisture and insects. However, vinyl requires much less maintenance, so it can easily last 20 years or more with minimal care.

Spruce wood is the most common and affordable option for a wooden fence. Spruce is one of the most basic woods available for fencing, making it a more affordable option. It also accepts dyes and paints very well. While it may save you money, spruce is one of the least durable woods, lasting only 4 to 7 years, at best.

It's also quite difficult to maintain. It depends on the quality of the fence, but modern vinyl fence materials have five times more tensile strength than wood, making them comparatively difficult to break. Vinyl fences require little maintenance and are very durable, allowing them to last 20 or more years with proper care. To make it even better, vinyl fences installed by Smucker Fencing come standard with a limited lifetime warranty.

Modern vinyl fences are made with titanium oxide to protect them from UV rays and make them more resistant to sunlight. One of the reasons vinyl fences are easier to last longer than wooden fences is because they don't rot. Choosing fence materials, colors and designs is just one part of finding the perfect fence that fits your aesthetic and safety requirements. Surprisingly, a wooden fence can start to bend and crack under its own weight if built incorrectly.

There's no need to replace a perfectly functioning fence even if you're over 20, but around this age, many fences start to fail. If one of the fence panels or stakes touches the ground, they will be affected by moisture, which can reduce their lifespan by up to three years. After making the repairs, scrape off any moss or loose, peeling paint until you can see new wood and clean the fence with a pressure washer. In reality, if one side of the fence faces a neighbor and the neighbor decides not to stain or seal, their side will discolor and yours will not, without affecting the structural integrity of the structure.

In addition to periodically re-staining or repainting, another way to extend the life of your wooden fence is to clean it periodically. Natural Enclosures Fence Company has a specialized staining service that will help protect your investment. You'll know when you need to re-dye your stained fence because the wood will start to absorb water when it gets wet. Here at Nortex Fence & Patio we specialize in custom cedar fencing, along with decks, front doors, and everything else you need to make sure your outdoor space is exactly how you want it.

All other components of the fence are made of steel and are also galvanized, so they require virtually no maintenance.