How do you keep rabbits out of your garden fence?

Bird or deer nets work well to protect seedlings or young plants. Simply place a net over the plants and secure the edges. Use chicken wire with a mesh size of one inch or smaller. As shown in the illustration at the top of the page, fences should be at least 2 feet tall to prevent rabbits from jumping.

Fortunately, with some safe and effective methods, you can keep rabbits out of your garden without harming the environment or the rabbits themselves. While rabbits can be cute and fluffy, they can wreak havoc on the plants and vegetables in your garden. Hot pepper spray is a 100% organic and natural repellent not only for rabbits, but also for squirrels, squirrels and other garden pests. However, placing mirrors or clear glass jars filled with water throughout the garden is also unlikely to work well.

Since gardeners usually plant a wide variety of crops in their garden or in raised beds, it's like your home is an all-night buffet with everything you can eat. To keep rabbits out of your garden organically, try spraying plants with a repellent made from water, dish soap, hot sauce, and garlic cloves. Lauren has worked for Aurora, Colorado, managing the Aurora Municipal Center's WaterWise Garden for the Department of Water Conservation. Plants such as lavender, marigold, peppermint, peony, sage, allium, astilbe, garlic, rhubarb, bee balm, yarrow, mint, sage, basil, hot pepper plants, lilac, snapdragon, clematis and sunflowers are good options to include in your garden.

You can also try bending the top of the fence away from the garden to avoid climbing or jumping. A quick walk through your garden will easily tell you if those thick-tailed creatures have been there or not. Learn how to keep your garden healthy with Joe Lamp'l, one of the country's most renowned and trusted gardeners, in this self-paced online course. They'll also chew on hoses, raised bed containers, or anything that may have been left in the garden.

Keep in mind that there can be a bit of trial and error in finding what works in your garden, as a plant that works great for your neighbor could be considered a delicacy in your garden. Another way to help prevent rabbits from destroying your garden is to make your property less comfortable for them. Categories Container gardening, Fruit trees, Vegetable cultivation, Gardening articles, Pests, Orchard. With a little effort, you and the neighborhood rabbits can live in peace and the plants in your garden will stay safe and sound.